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Health Care & Medical

The "biological sound" visualization technology is expected to be used in the medical field for early detection of diseases, improvement of diagnostic accuracy, optimization of treatment planning, and automation of patient monitoring. Combined with AI, it can also provide physicians with prompt and accurate information.

Healthcare and

Visualization, Recording, and DB of "Biological Sounds" for More Accurate Medical Treatment

Elderly and physically challenged people and those living on remote islands face the problem of lost opportunities for disease detection, as the burden of visiting the hospital reduces the frequency of hospital visits. To solve this problem, Onkyo is supporting activities to help AI Hospital Remote Medical Services. By utilizing Onkyo's biometric sound analysis technology, we aim to establish a system that will enable doctors to quickly and accurately detect abnormalities and diagnose them. Please contact us if you are interested in this project by filling out the inquiry form.

We are looking for partners to promote AI hospital and remote treatment

Preservation of intestinal condition

Physical condition of animals

Health Management Support App

remote medical examination

Visualization of heart/lung sounds

core technology

By utilizing technologies related to biometric sound visualization and PC/smartphone applications, the development of various medical/healthcare-related services and technologies can be expected.

*This technology demo sample is not medically certified. Please note that it cannot be used directly for medical treatment.

  • Almost the same sound quality as an analog stethoscope through tuning with a physician

  • Heart sounds can be recorded with high sound quality even over clothing

  • Easy-to-apply unique 2-channel structure covers a wide area of the body for auscultation.

■ Features

Technical demo samples are available for customers considering telemedicine and digital stethoscope-based solutions and services.

Digital Stethoscope Technology Demo Samples Available for Rent

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