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Onkyo HF Player

Onkyo HF Player is a high-quality music playback application that supports high-resolution audio playback and is available for iOS and Android devices.

High-resolution sound source support

Enjoy high-quality, high-resolution sound on your smartphone, either iOS or Android.

PuchiriLili™ Synchronized Lyrics

The lyrics of the currently playing song are automatically displayed, and more than 2.5 million songs are supported! It is one of the largest in Japan.

Customize Sound

Equipped with a graphic equalizer with up to 16,384 bands and the ability to save and load equalization curves.

Streaming playback

By logging in to the AWA service, you can play songs from the four AWA menus (FOR YOU/FOCUS/AVORITES/TRENDS).


You can purchase products related to the music you are listening to on the "HF Player".

Paid features make it even easier to use.

It is equipped with a number of functions to further enjoy high-quality high-resolution music, such as real-time DSD conversion and high-resolution output to external devices.


Free Version Features

  • High-resolution sound sources can be played (*Up to 8 songs in the free iOS version)

  • Playlist function

  • Mini player bar

  • Lyrics can be displayed by synchronizing lyrics with Puchiriri™.

  • Streaming playback is possible by linking with "AWA

  • Design changeable (with charge)

Paid Version Features

  • All features of the free version

  • Hides advertisements

  • High-resolution output to external devices such as USB DAC

  • Replay gain, real-time volume normalizer

  • Up-sampling capability up to 192kHz/24bit

  • (For Android, up to 384kHz is possible)

  • Real-time DSD conversion function


Download Onkyo HF Player (paid version) here

For those who want to enjoy high-resolution music even more!

The graphic equalizer and real-time DSD conversion functions are also available for those who want to enjoy sound creation.

This function is a paid function.
* About connecting to a DSD-compatible USB DAC,
Android: Requires a DAC that can be connected directly to a USB Type-C port, or a USB DAC connected via an OTG cable.
However, we do not guarantee operation with all Android devices.
iOS: Requires a Lightning-compatible DAC or a "Lightning to USB Camera Adapter" to connect to the USB DAC.
A DSD-compatible USB DAC must be purchased separately.

High precision equalizer with 16,000 band & linear phase FIR filter

It is equipped with a graphic equalizer with up to 16,384 bands and can store and load up to 1,000 equalization curves. In addition, a linear phase FIR filter is used to prevent phase shift and other sound quality degradation so that the user can adjust the sound to his/her preference without degrading sound quality.

For those who want to enjoy sound creation
Real-time DSD conversion

The total sound creation, including the CPU in the device, rather than relying on the DAC chip, will lead you to a new frontier.

Enjoy dressing up

The control screen of the application can be changed to a skin of your choice. This feature is also available in the free version of the app by purchasing the desired skin separately.

App Detailed Information

Supported Formats

MP3/AAC (up to 48kHz)

DSF/DSDIFF (2.8MHz/5.6MHz/11.2MHz, DoP/PCM conversion)

FLAC/ALAC/WAV/AIFF(~384kHz), OggVorbis(~192kHz)

*Content above 88.2kHz will be downsampled to 44.1kHz or 48kHz.

Supported Languages

English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)

Supported devices

[iOS version]
Requires iPhone/iPad with iOS13.0 or later.
[Android version]
Requires Android 8.0 or later.
Operation is not guaranteed on all devices.


  • The ONKYO DIRECT pop-up window at startup can be changed from the settings screen. Please change the setting from "Settings"-"ONYKO DIRECT"-"Popup at startup". Please change the setting from "Settings" - "ONYKO DIRECT" - "Pop-up on startup".

  • For devices running Android 11 or higher, please refer to the separate instructions here.

  • Please refer to this separate procedure.

  • You can restore paid features by "Restore Previous Purchases" or "Purchase HD Player Pack". Once the "Purchase HD Player Pack" is purchased, you will not be charged again.

Download the Onkyo HF Player (free version) here

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