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Call Center Solutions

Onkyo IVR

Onkyo IVR is an AI-based automated phone reception and dispatch system.

Simply transfer
Easy Installation

Onkyo IVR allows callers to simply transfer calls to a call center system with many restrictions. It can be implemented in as little as two weeks.

Automatic voice dictation

Onkyo SPEECH, a proprietary voice recognition engine, was developed. The process from telephone reception to transcription is fully automated.

personnel reduction

Leave the automated reception to Onkyo IVR. Since the receptionist can check the details of the receptionist's message in a dedicated viewer, operators can only respond to problems when they occur, reducing the number of personnel needed.

Operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Continuous operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year eliminates the need for three shifts. It improves the quality of service and the efficiency of operations.

Individual Customization

Onkyo IVR can be individually customized to learn up to 80% recognition rate at no additional cost.

By combining (fusing) Onkyo SPEECH, our proprietary speech recognition technology, with AWS's Amazon Connect, we are solving call center problems that require improved service quality and receptionist efficiency.


1. incoming call

When a call comes in from an end user, Onkyo IVR will respond. The necessary information is interviewed and answered in a step-by-step manner.

Analysis by Onkyo IVR

Stores and analyzes call data, converts voice to text, and registers personal information in a database.

3. check the contents in the viewer

The operator reviews the content in a dedicated viewer and responds only to problems or those that require further action.

IVR takes the primary receptionist, and voice data is instantly converted to text and stored in the database. This is the secret to reducing operator headcount.



An easy-to-manage viewer is available. Easily manage your call records.
Try Onkyo IVR speech recognition from our demo viewer. Please read the viewer notes and instructions carefully before trying it out.

voice recognition

Speech recognition consists of "acoustic model" and "language model" projections. It utilizes speech data from 10,000 speakers, totaling more than 700 hours of speech data.

End-user statements are subjected to acoustic analysis and then recognized through a search algorithm based on a speech recognition model learned from training data.

Speech Recognition Configuration

Image of improved speech recognition accuracy

Language Model Update

Text learning of incorrect parts from speech recognition results.

Acoustic model update

Transcriptions of industry/environment-specific audio will be transcribed and made available for study.

Onkyo IVR Security

Onkyo IVR is a private cloud and secure communication. Onkyo IVR is a highly secure security system that maximizes the handling of personal information by restricting access.

pickup reception

Return Receipt

secretarial service

attendance follow-up

Shift Confirmation

Texting of calls
Industries that require

For this type of business

It is suited for business types where the content of the interview with the customer is roughly fixed. It is also possible to switch the flow of the interviewing process to one that is more in line with the content selected during the interviewing process.

*Please allow 2 weeks for installation.

Monthly Package

Usage Fees

Conference Accepted Papers

Onkyo IVR's speech recognition has been the subject of papers presented at conferences.

O-COCOSDA 2021 Best Paper AwardNobuya Tachimori (Onkyo Corporation, Japan),Sakriani Sakti and Satoshi Nakamura(Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)MULTI-ENCODER SEQUENTIAL ATTENTION NETWORK FOR CONTEXT-AWARE SPEECH RECOGNITION IN JAPANESE DIALOG CONVERSATION


  • There is no limit, but if you need more than 10 lines, please contact us at the time of inquiry.

  • Depending on the customization of the flow, if it consists only of fixed attributes such as name and address, please allow two weeks.

  • It is possible. For voice recognition only, Onkyo SPEECH API is provided.

  • Please contact us for more information, as it is possible to consult depending on the usage flow rate.

  • We evaluate the recognition rate by WER (Word Error Rate) and the recognition rate must be 85% or more. 80% or less, we will accept the text study together with the text study free of charge.

  • The standard time frame is 2 weeks for text study and 3 weeks for audio study.

  • Possible. Please contact us for specific costs.

  • It is possible. Please contact us to discuss the best plan for your company's system situation.


Onkyo IVR is used by a wide variety of companies.


Onkyo IVR is used by a wide variety of companies.

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