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Digital hearing aids

Mild to moderate hearing loss
Recommended for people who are beginning to have concerns about their hearing and for people with a wide range of hearing loss.

Hearing Aids


64,800 yen

Suggested retail price (tax-exempt)

OHS-D31 for left ear / for right ear


Small and inconspicuous earpiece type
Premium model with remote control included

119,800 yen

Suggested retail price (tax-exempt)

OHS-D31 Binaural


Sound Technology

(1) Suitable for a wide range of hearing abilities, from mild to moderate.

  • Tiny noises and whispers are hard to hear

  • People say the TV is too loud

  • Difficult to hear normal conversation

  • Only notice when an automobile comes near you

This is just a guide. Feelings will vary depending on the individual.

Easy volume control

48-level volume control

OHS-D31 For left ear / For right ear / For both ears

You can select the way you hear with the buttons on the main unit and the remote control. In addition, the volume can be adjusted to match the surrounding environment.


Small and inconspicuous earhole type
Simple, easy-to-use basic model

49,800 yen

Suggested retail price (tax-exempt)

OHS-D21 for left ear
49,800 yen

Suggested retail price (tax-exempt)

OHS-D21 for right ear


Easy to handle earpiece type
Basic model with long battery life

49,800 yen

Suggested retail price (tax-exempt)


4-level volume control

OHS-D21 For left ear / For right ear

Volume can be adjusted with the buttons on the body

Natural sound quality and high functionality

Natural and smooth sound quality

OHS-D31 processes the sound into 12 divisions (OHS-D21 / EH21 into 8 divisions). The more divisions, the smoother the sound.

Compact and inconspicuous

earplug (for hearing aids)

OHS-D31 For Left Ear / Right Ear / Both Ears
OHS-D21 for left ear / right ear / both ears

It fits snugly in the ear, 9mm (W) x 17mm (D) x 13mm (H).

Separate left and right shapes make it easy and comfortable to fit when placed in the ear.

in-ear hearing aid


The compact size, beige body, and transparent earhooks and insert tubes, which are inserted into the ear, are designed to be inconspicuous when worn.

The ear hooks and insert tubes are transparent, making them inconspicuous. The earplugs can be used in either the left or right ear by changing the direction of the earplugs. In addition to its compact size, it is lightweight at 2.2g, reducing the burden of wearing it. In addition, large and small earplugs are included in the package so that they can be adjusted according to the size of the ear hole.

silent start

The hearing aid will turn on 6 seconds after the battery is inserted into the hearing aid. During this time, the hearing aid should be placed firmly in the ear to help prevent unpleasant howling (beeping).

Separate left and right shape for each ear

Different shapes on the left and right sides reduce discomfort when wearing. Gently fits in the ear. (Earhole type only)

Automatic volume control

Non-linear function. Loud noises that are difficult to hear are amplified, while loud noises caused by vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc. are suppressed. Loud sounds are automatically adjusted to be clearer and loud sounds to be softer.

Volume control function

Digital processing automatically controls the sound coming out of the hearing aid to the appropriate level. This reduces the sound distortion that occurs with conventional analog hearing aids when listening to loud sounds, resulting in a more natural sound.

Notification of battery replacement time

When the battery runs out of capacity, it will periodically announce this with a "beep-beep-beep" sound.

Includes earwax-preventive filter

An ear-dust prevention filter attached to the hearing aid body prevents ear-dust from entering the hearing aid.

Other Features

Trial Rental

OHS-D31 is available for trial rental. Only OHS-D31 for both ears is available for rental.
Please apply from the rental operator's website below.


  • You can easily check the status of your "hearing" with the check sheet.

  • This is for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The degree of "hearing" in daily life and whether or not the following applies to the hearing loss category is a guideline for classification.

    ■Hearing guidelines

  • Available for purchase. If any of the following 8 conditions apply to you, please be sure to see an ENT (hearing aid consultant). If you are purchasing a hearing aid for the first time, we recommend that you see a hearing aid consultant for a hearing aid evaluation prior to purchasing a hearing aid.

    Have undergone ear surgery. Has had an ear leak in the last 3 months. Has had a hearing loss in the last two months.

    Sudden increase in tinnitus within the last month. Pain or itching in the ear canal.

    There is a lot of earwax in the ear canal. The average difference in hearing acuity between right and left is more than 25dB.

    The results of audiometry show a difference of more than 20 dB between the right and left sides of the mean hearing at 500, 1,000, and 2,000 Hz.

  • Hearing aids assist people with hearing loss in hearing. It functions to process incoming sound to make it easier to hear and to make it louder. Only those hearing aids that meet the criteria of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (Law Concerning Quality, Efficacy and Safety Assurance of Drugs and Medical Devices) and are certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare are called "hearing aids".